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Childrens savings to 21


Save for your child to 21 so that you can give a 21st birthday present of real value

Saving on a regular basis for children until they are 21 can help give the children you care about a 21st birthday present to remember.


Just a small amount invested every month can save towards a cash sum that will give them a good financial start in life.


We believe that 21 is the best time to provide the child that you care about a cash sum.


By saving for your child until they are 21 through Healthy Investment’s TwentyOne 21 Tax Exempt Savings Plan you have the opportunity to give them a 21st birthday gift of real value. Maybe you want to save for university costs, a car or towards their future.


We all want to give the children that we care about the very best start in life.


A tax exempt cash sum that you save for on a regular basis until they are 21 is a great way of helping your baby, child or grandchild get ahead in life.


Like many parents and grandparents you might believe it’s more appropriate to save for a child until they are 21 rather than 18 when Child Trust Funds and Junior ISAs automatically pay out to the child.


Unlike children’s savings accounts offered by Banks and Building Societies, your child will not be able to take any money from the savings plan, it will only be paid to them on their 21st birthday.


TwentyOne 21 is a regular savings plan for children to 21. 

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